Panel painting (2004)

Tafelbild (A Woman Waiting)


3 September 2004, Berlin, Friedrichshain, Hermann Stöhr Platz, between Käse König and the entrance to Kaufhof. In the framework of SCOPE – Project, art in public space between Ostbahnhof and Karl-Marx Allee, curated by Spunk Seipel.

Waiting only seems to be passive. I coloured my spittle with bitten-off lipsticks. After some 4 1/2 hours the location was marked by the dispositive of a panel painting. Warmed by the sun, the olfactory data gradually unfolded for perception as well.

This work is published at /seconds, issue 2.

Gazpacho 21


spittle on canvas, 30 cm x 40 cm
I coloured my spittle with a bitten-off lipstick.