Performative Elements Dorsten

Performative Elements Dorsten
Photographs of intermedial performances, in: WAZ, No. 285, 7 December 2007; Dorstener Zeitung, No. 286, 8 December 2007; WAZ, No. 287, 10 December 2007; Dorstener Zeitung, No. 287, 10 December 2007
4-parts, edition of 3 (+2EA); Frame measurements: 2 frames each 56 cm x 41.5 cm; 2 frames each 60 cm x 42.5 cm, Photo: Roman März

Foto 1 WAZ
detail: WAZ, No. 285, 7 December 2007

These photographs of intermedial performances were taken in the installation Performative Elements, at my individual exhibition of the same title in Dorsten. The first two photographs were taken during the press conference, where I repeated the same pose with two different wigs. The third and fourth photographs were taken during the exhibition opening, where I received the Schulenburg-Stiftung art prize. The plinths ensured that all of the performers at the award ceremony met at eye-level. The press photos were published in newspapers over the following days. The respective pages from these newspapers bearing my signature were then framed and presented as a four-part edition opposite the installation.

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